Ding Dong. . . Is anyone there?

Mark and I have been doing a few home improvements on our new townhouse. One item on the list of thing to take care of was the doorbell. It seems that we have had a few visitors who have come to visit, but have missed them, due to a poor functioning doorbell. Not only was it barley auditable, but it was also virtually impossible to hear it when you were on the second or third floor.

So last night was the end to the situtaion. I had made a special trip to Home Depot during lunch to find the perfect doorbell. I thought I was being very creative in getting an extension for our new wireless doorbell. With the extension we could place it on the third floor, thus enabling us to never missing a cherished visitor, as it seems to be a rare occasion for us to have visitors. It was a bit of a grueling process, having to discuss the matter with a “helper” at Home Depot, who barely spoke English, and to add to it, was so old it took him forever to think through my situation. I was getting quit anxious with the situation, however, in the end I was proud of my new purchase.

Mark and I had a busy night, and neither of us got settled back home until about 10PM. We were both excited to try out the new doorbell, so we thought we would go ahead and install it. As we were in the middle of the installation, our new neighbors, two doors down, came outside a little upset, as the oldest daughter said someone had been doorbell ditching them on an off for the past 15 minutes. We told her that we didn’t see anyone, and no one did it to us as we were in the process of installing our new doorbell. But we told her we would keep our eye out for the culprit.

A few minutes later, as we finished our installation and began testing out our new handy work, they neighbors came out again. This time all the small children came out with the parents, as the children were getting really spooked by their doorbell continuously being rung. Just then, Mark rang our doorbell to try it out again, and then we heard it. As we were ringing our doorbell, our neighbor’s directly next to us suddenly went off, as well as the neighbors two doors down. That’s when we realized; Mark and I were the one’s setting everyone’s doorbells off. Luckily the neighbor directly next to us was gone, but our poor neighbor’s down they way, heard every ring. Mark and I were the one’s spooking their children and keeping them up far too late. We were shocked at the situation, but couldn’t help but chuckle a little. It seems we were all on the same frequency, and when one doorbell would ring, it would set everyone else’s off too.

So needless to say, Mark and I have hopefully fixed ours, fingers crossed, as we have changed our frequency to one that is different from all the other neighbors. If we don't have the problem resolved, Halloween night is going to be a long and crazy night!!


  1. What are the chances of that happening? The poor kids! AT least you solved the problem.

  2. Oh my gosh, That's the same problem we have with our neighbors doorbell! Ours never rings no matter how much you push it, but everytime someone rings the doorbell of our neighbors across the street, our doorbell rings. One day our neighbor was out fixing his doorbell and ours kept going crazy! That's when we realized what was happening all those times when we thought people were doorbell ditching us.

  3. That's pretty funny. Now you know how to pull off a good prank if you wanted to.

  4. Andrae, You've been tagged! which you probably already know from reading my blog!