new love vs true love

Miles has found a new love. . .
his name. . . Mr. Hippo. Mr. Hippo is often wet from all the kisses Miles gives him throughout the day.
(shout out to Steve and Sash for Mr. Hippo!)
Mark wants Miles to love the Suns. . . at our house the boys watch the Suns games together.

(Mark's been waiting for the boys and Suns games.)

With all the new loves. . . I hope to be Miles one true love!

(at least until he's 30)


  1. He's already growing and changing--I'm so sad. When am I going to get to see this little guy?! What are you three doing for Thanksgiving and Christmas?

  2. Hey Mark, it's Barr. I thought I had your number so I erased your message. When I tried to call you back it was someone else. They were very nice, and congratulated me on the new kid. Give me a call or leave me your number again. Sorry about the mix up. By the way, good looking kid!