Man of the Day

Can I just tell you how much I love this man! I could go on and on about how amazing he is, how lucky I am to be married to him, what an incredible father he is, and more.
Here are just 31 reasons why I love Mark: 1. Mark is incredibly handsome. 2. His laugh is so contagious, and he loves to laugh. 3. Mark is a very hard worker. 4. He is dedicated. 5. He is always willing to help me out. 6. He is so sweet with Miles. 7. Mark is always up for a new adventure. 8. He is not inhibited in his food selection; thus he always eats what I make. 9. He is so gentle with me. 10. Mark still opens my car door! (And scolds me when I don’t wait for him to get it.) 11. He is optimistic. 12. He is a water baby! I can never get him out of the ocean. 13. He is willing and learning to be a handyman. 14. He adores his mother, and treats her like a queen. 15. Mark always makes me breakfast. 16. He puts up with me randomly switching sides of the bed. (I like to keep him on his toes.) 17. He is the best kisser I have ever kissed. I can honestly say I’m addicted to his kisses! 18. Mark can make a mean milkshake. 19. He is devoted to the gospel. 20. Mark is very competitive. 21. He is a kid at heart, and I think he always will be. 22. He has the softest skin. 23. Mark let’s me stick my ice cold feet between his legs at night to warm them up. (Now that’s love because my feet are freezing!) 24. Mark is genuinely a nice person. 25. He is always working toward a goal. 26. I love dancing with him at home. He’s too shy to show off his moves in public. 27. He is dedicated to Phoenix Suns, through thick and thin. 28. He gives great massages. 29. Mark treats me like a queen. 30. Mark adores Miles and is so good with him. 31. I love the way I feel when Mark holds me. He makes me feel safe, protected, and loved.
I love you Mark. Happy Birthday!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Mark!!! Have a fabulous day!!!
    PS Love the HAT!

  2. Happy Birthday Mark!! Hope this year is a great one and that your birthday was a memorable one.

  3. Well, Happy Birthday! Was it a whole year ago we were celebrating the men turning 30????

  4. Happy Birthday Mark! enjoy 31. Your only as old as you feel.