Family Traditions

For Memorial weekend (I realize that I am behind a few weeks) all my family went up to Harriman State Park for some trail riding.
We had a BLAST!
(We are now in the market for one of these!) This was a new adventure for Mr. Miles. He loved the bike trailer (shout out to Allie for loaning us hers), but only when he was not strapped in. (Note: That boy has an issue with being tied down. I suppose it inhibits his free spirit.) The trails were not really compatible with a bike trailer, so it did make for a bit of a bumpy ride, which he wasn't fond of. So this is what he would do . . . He would fold himself over and fake asleep. A sign of surrendering I suppose. Just as soon as we would stop he would perk up and be fine. Poor guy. He did love being outside with so many new things to look at. He also enjoyed the ride when we were on the dirt road as it made for a smoother ride. All the adventures just wore the little man out. Thanks mom for watching him while we cruised another trail! Miles also loved playing in the water. I'm afraid that I have another water boy on my hand. (I really love this man!) I have to say I think we all really enjoyed the day. I think we should make this a new family tradition! (Steroid marshmellow vs. regular marshmellow) We can’t visit Idaho and not roast smores. My mom broke out the crazy marshmallow that have been injected with steroids or something, as I have never seen such enormous mellows in my entire life. They come in two shades of pink and white assorment. Only in Mexico can you find such as thing. Thanks go to Grandma Furness for finding such a find. They made ridiculous smores! That’s too much mellow for my liking. Miles somehow found one while I was not looking. Sneaky little man. The marshmellow is almost as big as his head. This is crazy. We also got to see this wonderful family TWICE! The girls loved the marshmellows equally as much as Miles. I suppose they make a great tea party treat! Miles is so adorable how he smells flowers. He simply opens his mouth and puts it close to the flower. Then he turns and smiles at us. He melts my heart.


  1. Miles looks so adorable fake sleeping. Aren't bike trailers wonderful? I got one for Mother's Day, and Lily absolutely loves it. I strap her Elmo doll in with her, give her some snacks to munch on and off we go.

  2. Macy and the marshmallow is CLASSIC. I totally love it!