Caption Friday- Post Edit

I'm going to start posting random photos on Fridays in what I'm calling "Caption Friday".
Leave your caption in the comment box and the best caption could possibly win something handmade from time to time.
This should be fun.
Post Edit: I hope it's just because of the holiday weekend that only ONE person took the caption challenge (and frankly I'm not sure the comment was even a "caption comment"). Am I feeling a little rejected, maybe. None the less, to give more enticement for next Friday I'm giving a way lovely handmade gifts to the commenter. . . Yeah for Ashley!! The next time I see you, which I hope is this weekend, I will have your lovely handmade, re-used/re-thought/re-cylced gift with me. I hope you like them as much as I do!
I hope to hear from more of you next Friday!
(Oh, and my blog frog tells me that people visited, just didn't comment. . .again rejection)


  1. AWWWW so cute! We love Miles and miss you terribly!

  2. Not that I didn't try. I honestly couldn't think of anything that didn't make me sound like a major goober.

  3. How about this:
    "Ohhhhh yeeeaaahhhh!