Post for Macy M.

Macy, I loved seeing you, Polly and your mom last Friday. Oh how I wish we could have spent more time together! (Let’s do it again sometime soon.)
But how in the world did I get away with out discussing this:

Do you think it is what I am thinking it is? Do I even have to say the word? I know your love for Unicorns, and I was in love with them as a child too. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see this in person, as Mark is the one who saw this and captured a picture for both you and me. Hope you enjoy this as much as I think you will!!

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  1. Macy says: "Thank you for this wonderful post, is it a real unicorn? I had fun seeing you and Miles, too! Because I never get to see you. Love, Macy"

    I say: Macy just happened to be standing next to me as I pulled up your blog! How perfect! She was kind of in a daze for a minute, then she said, Is that REAL?

    Thanks from both of us! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!