lovely spring evening

the other night we meet up with some good friends at the
it was our first time at the gardens.
we will be back for sure!
Miles loved all the flowers in bloom.
running up and down the paths.
and most of all the ducks.
so much in fact he thought about dive into the pond with them.
let me just recommend to Red Butte a rail around this dock for all the mothers sanity!
oh and the little girl that did try to swim with the ducks.
I bet she would have appreciated a rail. 
it was a lovely spring evening.
I love spring.
I love the flowers.
the smell in the air.
all the sunshine.
and spending evenings outside with my two favorite people.


  1. Looks lovely. I heart spring. What happened today, eh?

  2. Spring is my favorite (once things have started to blossom and to green up). What a lovely time at the gardens. It's fun to see you enjoying the beauty of spring together.