hawaii highlights

I know I haven't posted anything in awhile. 
So here is Hawaii....
(warning long post)
first airplane ride....
Miles was great!
we love Grandpa
hiking....no we didn't see any wild pigs
"telephone pole" hike with Grandma Kelly 
doesn't she look like a professional guide? 
Miles loved hiking
swap meet treasures (Kayne style)
these two loved going for walks in their strollers....daily 
these two became such good friends...
we love Emma
large machines + endless sand at the beach = a boy's dream
exploring the North Shore
Shimazu shave ice....yummmm!
I know they are huge huh.
One is a small the other a large.
Miles shared in the love of shave ice
Miles loved the huge fish
both my boys loving the beach
and more beach....
beach everyday for the Kelly's please
have you ever seen a black swan?
well I know where you can find a few
lizard hunting at Grandpa's
a daily thing for Miles and Emma
aren't they cute?
eating at the local market
our favorite thing about Hawaii...
ready for the flight home
but too tired to stay up


  1. You have suceeded. I'm definitely jealous.

  2. Miles' hair is so light now! I didn't recognize him at first.

  3. so fun! You totally earned a good vaca. i think you two work harder than anybody! We miss you guys.

  4. Thanks for sharing your fun photos from Hawaii. I think that might be the only way I ever get to see Hawaii! Looks like you had a great time.