Vivian is ONE

Our little girl is ONE.
We can't believe it.
Where did the past year go?
It has been wonderful having Vivian in our family.
She is so sweet, loves her dad and brother. She laughs all the time and likes to be tickled.
She loves every and any kind of animal, being outside, and dancing. 
That's right the girl has some moves already! 
So we headed to Idaho for an outdoor birthday party where the kids could run to their hearts content in grandma and grandpa's yard. 
Both the kids loved it!
 We had cupcakes to celebrate the birthday girl's birthday once we arrived.
 Needless to say she loved them!
 We had a small family party Saturday night.
It was lots of fun and low key.
Perfect really.
(I can't believe we are a family of four. It still amazes me.)

 I think she thought this was for her at first.
That's more like it. 
(Although that monkey is almost as big as her.)
Happy Birthday Vivi.
We love you so much!

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