pioneer day 2012

The kids and I spent pioneer day in Idaho with my parents.
We had a blast.
My parent's ward puts on a great pioneer day celebration at a cute little pioneer park by the river.
 Miles got a bear.
Doesn't he look so cute?!
 We all streched to look as western as we could with what we had.
Miles looked the best!
(Those are my little brother Kurtis' old chaps.)
We ate watermelon, scones, and corn on the cob. 
 The kids loved it.
We rode a horse.
(A tire swing one and little carriages pulled by small horses. Sorry no picture of that one.)
 We roped some critters.
Miles is quite the ropper.
 Raced in a stick pony race at the rodeo.
 Vivian didn't race, she did the dirt crawl/swim.
 Not sure why, but she loved it and kept doing it for almost 5 minutes straight.
Needless to say she was a dirty mess at the end of the night.
We watched the horse tricks with Papa.
Vivian is absolutely in love with him!

Enjoyed a great Idaho evening. 
Miles tried to catch a chicken.
He almost did too.
As he said "I was super duper close to one. Maybe next time." 
All in all it was a wonderful night!
We missed you  Mark.
Next year let's do it as a family!

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