one evening we went out to visit some family and check out the farm
Grandpa took us for a tractor ride in Uncle Dallas' tractor
 Miles loved it, and so did Grandpa
 Miles even wore his tractor hat
 Vivian fell asleep
my dad called the tractor "the big babysitter"
 thank you Uncle Dallas
we enjoyed not only your tractors but also your company
 thank you Tammy (aka, the cat lady) for all the kitty fun
I had no idea that she loved cats so much
she currently has 11 total right now
(it's a good thing you are married Tammy, or people might think things)
 aren't they a cute couple?
this picture cracks me up!
(I hope you don't hate me for posting this.)
while there we enjoyed this handsome man's company
needless to say it was a wonderful evening!
(thanks for the lemon crunch yogurt too, it was delicious!)

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  1. Yes, it's true. I do have a soft heart for kittens and cats but I really don't want that many right now! Please someone, come get some of my kittens! Those are such fun pictures! They crack me up, too! What a great shot of Grandpa! I am going to download them to my IPhoto but if they don't come out very good, I will be contacting you for copies.
    Thanks for the visit - we totally enjoyed it and love having your kids get to know us!