is Miles really four?
when did this happen?

he is so excited to be four.
he is now too old to snuggle with me 
(or so he says. 
I guess it was okay when he was 3 1/2 but not now that he's four. 
but i still sneak one or two in when I can.)
he had a wonderful birthday
he chose his cake himself
most all of his good friends made it to the park to celebrate
but best of all 
of favorite Aunt Amy came through with not only a great BYU hat 
but a football to go with it.
it couldn't have been a better birthday.
we love you Miles!


  1. He's seriously so handsome! Happy Birthday Miles.....

  2. You sure captured the feeling in those pictures, Andrae! Adorable! Tell him happy birthday from Uncle Dallas and Aunt Tammy!