Thank You

Mark and I want to personally thank each one of you for all your prayers, fasting, temple attendance, meals, help with the funeral service and much, much more. As we deeply miss our beautiful son Miles we know that he is with our Father in Heaven ready to begin a mission more glorious than this earthly life could allow him. We look forward to the day that we can hold him again in his glorious state. The comforter is close to our hearts and is helping to guide us through this difficult time. We know that it is only because of all of your love, prayers and more that this why he is close at hand. We want to thank you from the deepths of our hearts for everything.

We will be back to blog again after some time.

Thank you.
Mark, Andrae, Vivan and family.


  1. This sweet post makes me so emotional. We are so sorry for what your family is going through, and love your sweet and grateful spirit. You are surely an inspiration.

  2. Just came upon your blog tonight, Andrae. Since your sad news was shared with us, you have been in our prayers and thoughts daily. Nate tried to make it to the funeral, but ended up having an unavoidable conflict. Hoping you find peace in your moment of sorrow.

    Nate & Krysta McClure