Mother's Day

Today has been a really hard day for me.
So hard I really just can't put what I am feeling into words.
I'm so grateful for my beautiful children.
All three of them.
It's funny to think that two of my children are in heaven right now.
Oh the conversations they must be having.

I keep remembering last year's Mother's Day.
Was it really a year ago already?
Remember, I got the best video message ever.
Here it is again in it's entirety.
I can't even tell you how many times Vivian and I watch this clip each day.
She loves it so much, as do I.
Miles and Vivian both came up with their own messages for me, without any help or practice with dad.
Mark said it was taken in one shot.
This video truly is a treasure to me.
Oh how I wish I could get another video message like this one today from all of my children.
Here's to hoping for dreams of them tonight.

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  1. I thought a lot about you today! Just wanted you to know that!