Christmas Wishes 2011 & 2013

I'm so upset I didn't document Christmas 2011 on my blog...how did that even happen?
So you may not know that Miles' last Christmas all he wanted for Christmas was a cupcake.
Just one.
How adorable right!!!
So we made sure he had a dozen cupcakes for Christmas.
All the other things he received were just a bonus.
He honestly would have been just happy to have a cupcake.
Easy! Love that boy.
A couple weeks ago we took Vivian to see Santa.
She of course put in her Christmas wishes.
No it's not a cupcake....but's it's almost as good.
Ready....Vivian wants "Smashmellows" (aka Marshmallows) for Christmas.
Seriously, this cracks me up.
I really do have the best children.
I know one day it will be big electronics and such.
But for now, I'm so happy to have Christmas lists comprising of cupcakes and marshmallows!
I think we can accommodate.
Clara came to see Santa too, but she was just trying to stay warm in these freezing cold temperatures.
I think milk and cereal is all she really cares for on her list right now.
Random: "ScaryBacca" (aka Chewbacca) was also there.
Vivian loved him and won't stop talking about him.
He was huge! He's sitting down right here!
Seriously the guy was like 12' tall.
I can't believe how much she liked him.


  1. Of course Vivi liked ScaryBacca! She has the best personality ever! And really, your kids are the sweetest I have ever seen.

  2. This is pure awesome! ScaryBacca needs to come to Logan!