Water Safety- Designated Child Watcher

Okay, so we are still in the moving phase. Internet should be connected tomorrow, but this post needed to happen so I’m taping into wifi at some fast food chain.

Remember May is National Water Safety Month? Well today Ashley Sullenger posted about her experience with her sweet daughter Preslee and water safety, specifically around open water. So powerful, because all too often we don’t think about the dangers that are around us everyday. Click here to read her post.

I loved that she focused on “A Child Watcher.” Since Miles passed away Mark and I do the same as Ashley and Pat and make sure that whoever is with our children, be it one of us, a relative or even a friend, they know they are in charge of watching our child with them. We do this no only when it comes to water safety but just in general. I think all too often we assume that the person with the children knows that they are in charge, but that’s not always the case. It’s always a safe choice when we acknowledge and get acknowledgment that the “Child Watcher” is aware of who is with them and who they are in charge of watching over.

Specifically speaking, when it comes to water safety this is key. Much like Ashley’s experience there were SIX adults around when Miles’ accident happened. SIX….I still to this day don’t understand how in a matter of seconds and minutes none of us were aware of what was happening just feet away from us. (Judge all you want, but please be kind with your judgments. You just never know when something may happen to you…. believe me I live it EVERY SINGLE DAY!)

Since learning more and focusing more on water safety it’s always a good and safe choice to have a designated “Child Watcher.” This is someone who is in charge of watching, no more than three children while in the water. Specifically with them in the water, remember no more than 4 feet away from any children under the age of 6. This person is not to be bothered, talked to or distracted by anyone. They are in charge of these specified children for the next 30 minutes or whatever time you set. After that time they will be relieved by another “Child Watcher” and can then visit with the others at the pool. But while on duty, no distractions no disturbances. They are to be left to their job, as it’s a very important one! I would encourage each of you to think about this concept and use it as many moms and children will be gathering and meeting up for play dates at pools this summer. Believe me, you don’t want to find yourself in a position like mine and have thought someone else was watching your child. Designate to save lives!!

Don't forget our Water Safety Printable either. Click here for the .pdf printable.

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