Missing A Halloween Boy

I know I have been gone lately.
We've been dealing with a miserable little girl who is cutting three molars.
Let's just say it's been A LONG three weeks of little or NO sleep.

But it's days like these that are full of fun at our home, yet there is a lurking sadness in the air.
One that not many can detect but us.
It's the quiet moments and cries in the shower thinking about the missing link in our family.
I'm not convinced that this sadness, what if's and what would's will ever fully leave Mark and I.
It's a companion that we are slowly learning to live with.
But oh how I am missing picking out a little boy's costumes.
This was Miles' last Halloween he ever participated in.
He was so excited to be Buzz Lightyear.
He didn't even care about the candy.
After getting three pieces he said he had enough.
Miles just loved running around in the cool night air, letting his imagination take him places only a child's mind can take them. 
It's was a night of magic and intrigue.

This is what he chose to be just weeks before he passed away.
He was in love with Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
A pirate's life was a life for him at that time.
I will never let go of this costume!!! NEVER!
He loved it so much.

As Halloween rolls around each year I can't help but wonder what he would have wanted to be.
Hulk (which obviously fits him well), Spiderman, Batman or some other super hero.
Or something completely different. I'm so out of the boy world now, I always wonder what he would be interested in and what wonderful places his imagination would take him now.

But regardless of what he would be I know he will at some point join up with our family tonight.
He will be watching over us, protecting us from ghosts and goblins roaming about.
And probably even watching over some of your precious little ones too.
He's just so sweet like that.
Happy Halloween everyone.


  1. Couldn'thelp but notice the little toddler boys running from door to door tonight. Dressed in their costumes of super heroes and cartoon figures, they reminded me of Miles...
    Thinking and continuing to pray for your family.
    Love and miss you guys...

  2. Love that pirate costume! I so wish he could have gone trick or treating in it! But how special that you thought to take a picture when he tried it on! Sending my love always! XOXO