#4 Here we come

So our little secret around here is literally popping out. I can longer hide it. I suppose that's what happens when you are expecting #4. We are so excited. The girls are over the moon about it. We just told them last week and Vivian is now telling EVERYONE!

I'm 10 weeks today, but my tummy is for sure showing the world that we are pregnant. We are due October 27, 2015. I've been more sick this time than almost any other. In fact I was a little worried about twins because I have been so sick, but we checked at the doctor's office last week...nope just one sweet tiny one in there. So hopefully just another month of survival mode and then I'll be back at it again. For now I'm feeling pretty good if I get the girls feed and dressed each day. Doing a load of laundry is bonus points right now. But it's all worth it!!! The Kelly's are adding on!


  1. I'm so happy for you and your family. I hope the fatigue and nausea will quickly pass, so you can get back to fully enjoying life with your beautiful family.

  2. How exciting! You are such a cute pregnant lady! Sorry you're feeling so awful. Hang in there and hopefully it will pass soon. With the fourth you definitely experience everything earlier . . . especially having your belly pop out!