Vivian Is 4

Today we celebrate this sweet redheads life, Vivian Ann. I can't believe that today she is four years old. I have been dreading this day for a couple years now. I've spent the last month trying to bribe her not to turn four. I've even offered to pay significant money each day if she wouldn't turn four. But there is no convincing her. She determined it's super cool to be four. She is determined to grow big and be a mommy.

I dread this day because in exactly one month from now she will out live her older brother Miles in this Earthly life. Four years is really not that long to spend with such sweet spirits. (But I know it's more than other parents have, so I am grateful for each day I have with them.)

 Although there is a bitter sweetness in Mark and I's hearts this day, it's truly a day to celebrate such a sweet and pure life. Vivian has lifted our spirits during the darkest of times. She has always been a constant in our life pushing us to wake up, get ready and live life when it was the last thing we wanted to do. Vivian has experienced hard and confusing things in her life at such a young age that many won't know until adulthood. She has a deeper knowledge and understanding of life that many her age, and much older, don't comprehend. She has a pure faith in and relationship with her Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ that is truly special and powerful. Vivian is always worried about those around her, especially those hurting in their hearts. She can detect it and is truly concerned about them.

(Vivian catching lady bugs.)
Vivian has a special passion and connection with nature. She is a bug loving, insect seeking, rock loving, animal enthusiast child. We have yet to meet an animal, big or small, slimy or creepy that the girl doesn't love and want to hold. It's like her soul connects with animals and she has a way with them to calm them and carefully hold each one she meets.

She is truly best friends with her little sister Clara. She is most always willing to share with her, and is genuinely concerned about her. Vivian is kind to include Clara in most everything she does and let's her tag along with her when playing with other kids.

Vivian is also our little artist. She isn't really into many toys, but give her paper, markers and scissors and she is set for hours. She loves to make things for others and is always giving or mailing away her artwork to family members.

Vivian has brought so much joy, light and life into our lives. She has such a unique bond with both Miles and Clara. I pray this special bond only strengthens over the years with each of her siblings. Oh Vivian how we love you so much and couldn't imagine life without you! Here's to a special day celebrating you!

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