Rad Student

Hooray, Mark is finally a student of radiological Sciences at Weber State. We are both so excited!!! Mark can't wait to get started. While we were down in SLC my Aunt Amy took Mark and I out for a dinner celebration. She took us to a really fun place called Ruth's Diner, up in Emigration Canyon. It was such a nice atmosphere, where we ate out on the the patio, with lights all over in the trees and a great live band. (We all agreed that the meat-loaf is the way to go when eating there. It is so good, and I was the lucky winner who ordered it.) When we were leaving Amy asked us if we noticed Ruth watching us from her window. I guess she keeps a close eye on everyone while they dine. I was really caught off guard by her and didn't want her to see me looking at this old sad lady and her cat. I didn't want to be rude or anything. Amy kept asking me if I could see her, and again I just din't want to be rude. So I stepped out and got a better look at her. The poor lady didn't move a muscle after quite some time, and then it finally hit me. Ruth and her trusted cat were just a life size cut out that peer over everyone from the house behind the patio area at all times. Talk about a weird sense of humor. But we sure did get some good laughs out of it. Thanks Ruth for the great meat-loaf!

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  1. That Ruth lady sure was scary!! It was a very fun weekend though. I am way excited to be into the radiology program! So far things have been working out well so far too!!