Please Help the Bell Family

Last week was a hard week. But it has been almost a harder weekend. A friend of mine needs your help more than ever. Friday morning after we spent Thursday as a family remembering Miles I logged back onto Facebook and the first thing I saw on my feed was that my friend's husband had experienced both a stroke and an aneurysm. He was life flighted to Utah to special receive care and surgery.

My heart was broken. All our thoughts, emotions and feelings from just three long, yet short years ago of our stay in the hospital with Miles flooded over both Mark and I. We found ourselves constantly checking Facebook for updates from her on his condition.

Today our friend said goodbye to her best friend, love of her life and eternal companion. 

Mark and I know loss of a child and it's devastating! We don't know what it is like to lose a spouse, but my heart tells me that in some ways it may be even harder. Our hearts are beyond broken for Monica and her three sweet children. Through our trial Mark and I have had each other to rely on. Monica comes home to an emptiness we don't know, but can't stop thinking about.

I do know that medical bills, funeral costs and then living costs (as she is stay at home mom to those precious three children) is huge. So if ever there was a time to help someone out, even just a little, I ask you to please help this sweet, loving and amazing family. They need it more than ever!!! I know how helpful it was of strangers, many of whom we will never know, that gave to funds for us. So if you can I ask you to please help the Bell Family out at this most difficult time in their lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

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