Adventures in Moab

This is at Delicate Arch, where our Israeli friend now has only tragic memories now (see Morton family blog for the full account).

Here is the whole gang. We had such a great time with Scott and Amanda! Scott is for sure the man to go to Moab with. He is full of an abundant amount of interesting information, facts, historical accounts, and knows his way around the place. It's like having your own personal tour guide!

It truly is amazing how diverse the state of Utah is. I loved so many of the plants in Moab. This was one of my faves that we saw, along with the tall snake grass. The landscape is just breathtaking!

Mark, just taking in the view at Canyonlands National Park. He seems to be in serious thought doesn’t he?

Here we are. We made it to the top overlooking the Colorado/Green River at Canyonlands. It got a little windy up top, but it worth the scare!

This is at Cayonlands, Mesa Arch. This was probably one of my favorite arches. You hike up and see this arch (not pictured here) and on the other side it’s a sheer 500 foot drop off into the canyon below. It was amazing to think that this arch perched on the edge of this cliff. Amazing!

This hike, the Negro Bill Canyon, was my favorite! You weave back and forth through this canyon across the stream. The terrain changed from sand, to slick rock, to cactus patches, to amazing patches of tall snake grass. Then at the end was this amazing arch nestled within a cove. Scott told us it was the sixth largest arch in the nation. It was so incredible!

Landscape arch, which was suppose to be named Delicate Arch, but when the maps were first made, they mixed the names up for Delicate Arch (first picture on this post) with Landscape Arch. We had to see this one, because who knows how much longer it’s going to be around.

Those are a few highlights from our trip to Moab. Another trip in the future is for sure. We had such a great time, and enjoyed all that this amazing earth is capable of. It was also nice to getaway with such great friends, and spend some much needed time with Mark. I love this guy!!


  1. Hello Andrae!! Lovin' the blog! I added you to our fam blog. This will be fun!!!

  2. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun.

  3. Randy would be so jealous!

  4. good job for detailing the whole account, with all the stops. I posted the story and figured that was good! We had tons of fun!

  5. I know, I need to post. All our memory card got deleted the other day, so now we have to get going on new pictures and adventures. Check back in a few days.