Wrestle Mania

A couple weeks ago Mark and I went to rally with the troops cheering Kurtis on at the District Wrestling Tournament. We were at the tournament for a little over 12 hours. 12 full hours of stinky teenage boys, mixed with hard wooden bleachers . . . good times. All in all it was a successful day. Kurtis put up a good fight and took 2nd overall in his weight class. He may only be a little tine 102 pounds, but it’s all muscle and he’s a force to recon with. He then went on the next weekend to take 3rd overall in State (beating the kid who he lost 1st in district to at state). Go Kurtis!

I wanted to see if I could ever fit my head into that little contraption they call headgear or Kurtis's. Sure enough it fit. I'm ready to go now . . . except that whole singlet thing. I will never being trying one of those on!

Mom and Dad took their turns slaving away in the kitchen throughout the day. We enjoyed the inside service! Special order . . . no problem!

Mark sure did enjoy the labors of dad's fruit! Thanks dad, the potato with the works hit the spot!

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