Numbered Days

Today Mark informed me that I have been pregnant for 200 days. 200 days?!? That sounds like a long time. High five to me (and all those who have gone before me . . . you are amazing)!

He then went on to calculate that I have 80 days left. 80 days I thought . . .. that's not too long. Really the 200 days was a shock to me as this pregnancy has flown by. But the days seem too becoming longer and longer as the temperature rises.

Many people have asked me how I am handling this heat. So far so good. But honestly my body temperature has never run so hot in my entire life. Mark is always shocked to discover how warm my hands and feet are. It shocks me too. I am now becoming the one in bed that continually wants the sheets thrown off. What is happening? This is rare.

In order to cool off Mark and I hit this place at least once a week.

Season passes . . . YES, what a great idea! Fun for Mark (as I can't get him off the slides) and splashing cool water everywhere for me. It's perfect. Plus I like racing down the steep slides with Mark and having the satisfaction of winning. I can't help myself I like winning.

Honestly, the weather here has suddenly decided to go from spring to winter to extreme summer. It's been pretty wild. So far the heat hasn't gotten the best of me, however, there are moments of sticky clothes and exhausted feet that are not my shinning moments. But I'm trudging through. . . only 80 more days to go!


  1. Well I guess you answered my question. Water parks are a good solution. 80 days! Totally doable

  2. Hang in there cuz--I was the same way with my body temp. It's like someone cranked the thermostat 10 degrees and can I say the trips to the bathroom at night get OLD!

  3. Your looking good, hang in there it all gets better, once you see that sweet little baby. Lets meet up at the water park again. Call me.