While visiting my family my mother was so sweet to watch Miles while I took Mark out on a REAL date. Everything was a surprise to Mark. I took him to one of his favorite places to eat, and then on to do one of his favorite pass times . . . bowling. We haven’t been bowling in so long, and our scores prove the point as they were well below our usual average. I will never get sick of this unique bowling technique! I love the view!
Except one other family we had the bowling alley to ourselves. It was so much fun. Thanks mom!


  1. Ha ha....I remember the famous Mark bowling stance. Memories.....we always made fun of him for it, but he always kicked our butts at bowling.

  2. Celeste's post says it all. Oh the bowling memories!!!!! Glad you guys had fun!

  3. I miss bowling with you guys. Mark always won, but we got good laughs out of it. Take advantage of any real date, we haven't had one in a lllooonnnggg time.