Water Baby

We braved the snow packed roads and headed to Green Canyon Hot Springs for a day of swimming. Going to Green Canyon is like taking step back into my childhood. Nothing has changed there since I was a kid, literally. Before winter hit I made sure to snatch up a great deal on the clearance swim trunks for the little man. I wasn’t sure if Miles would like swimming. He likes his baths, but a pool is much bigger than a tub, not to mention the difference in the length of time spent in each. Miles took right to the water. (But really he is Mark’s son so should I have expected anything else? Getting Mark out of water is like trying to take candy from a child.) Miles was so good the entire time. After about six hours of fun it was time to take my little raisin out before he shriveled away for good. So it was off to the showers. This was the first time Miles has showered. I know it looks like he is crying in the picture, but it’s just the water rushing down his face. He didn’t make a peep. Maybe when we are running late, we’ll have to try this again.
After so much fun swimming Miles was wiped out.


  1. That place is so much fun! Miles is getting so big.

  2. Too cute! I need to get your address so I can send your Christmas card...will you email me? camille@simonsparkcity.com

  3. I love Green Canyon. Memories! We used to go there every year for my birthday with Grandpa and Grandma and Amy and Laura. I can't remember if the rest of the family came on occasion. Maybe you were there. My memory is so bad.

    It's so awesome that Miles likes the water that well. Evan is scared of the water. Probably because he has crappy parents that haven't exposed him to it enough.

    I love the picture of the three of you. What a cute family.