Tantalizing the Taste buds

Last night we attempted giving Miles his first taste of cereal.
Here’s how it went from Miles perspective. What are my mom and dad up to? What is this thing around my neck? Wow, my mom sure looks nice tonight. What is she sticking in my mouth? Hmmm . . . . interesting. Can I eat the bowl too? Okay. . .this is pretty good. But how do I get it all in mouth? Whoa that was wild.
In the end more cereal ended up on Miles and the bib
than actually digested. We’ll have to keep practicing.


  1. It is funny how they can't seem to figure out how to actually swallow the food. They learn fast though. I can't believe how big he is getting. I haven't even met him yet :(

  2. Wow, big milestone! Good work Miles!

  3. He is getting so big! I can't believe he's ready for cereal already! I especially love that last picture....it's classic! Definitely one to hang on the wall. We have got to get together soon.

  4. How fun for him and I think most kids enjoy the fun of eating that's why it is always so messy.

  5. He such a cutie and he is getting so big. I love how such a simple thing to us is such a big hurdle for babies.