Love boys

Just a few things I love about these boys:
I love seeing Miles get so excited to see Mark, and then bashfully hid his face in my shoulder when Mark acknowledges him. Only to quickly pop his head back up and smile at him.
I love how sweet Mark is to always play games, read books, and even get down and shake his booty with Miles.
I love the way Mark carries Miles around in one arm, and Miles looks as though he could sit there forever.
I love how Miles is always keeping close tabs on the whereabouts of Mark at all times.
Mark can’t escape that boy’s eye for one second. I love how Miles will be in the middle of eating, he will hear Mark’s voice and then he will pause from eating and have the biggest smile on his face.
Looking as though he couldn’t be any happier because he knows that Mark is nearby. I love being the most important woman in each of their lives.
But then again . . . who wouldn’t?
We Miss you Mark . . . can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!!

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