Bundled Up

We decided to go for a walk, but it was a little brisk outside. So Mark said he had a plan. The next thing I turn around and this is what I found. I couldn’t stop giggling at the two of them. I’m sure heads turned for double takes as we passed by. Needless to say, Miles stayed warm and ended up snoozing away halfway through our adventure.


  1. Miles is too sweet!! These posts about him and Mark remind me so much of Gus and Dallin!! Gus would have a pillow for D or make a "lounging chair" for him. The bundling up in the coat, classic adorable daddy move. One of these days I will finally meet Miles in person!! But for now, I am loving the pictures and updates! Keep them coming!

  2. that's just precious. Mark you are a genious and Miles you are cute.