Mail for Miles

Yesterday when the mail arrived we found a special surprise for Miles.Who could it be from?
The Easter Bunny of course, who else? Here is what the Bunny had to say:

The reaction:

As you can tell Miles loved it. That kid loves getting mail!

We can't wait for you to hop our way on Sunday Easter Bunny!


  1. How funny Braden got the same letter from the Easter Bunny. What a fun little surprise.

  2. Guess what. My kids all got the same letter. So cute and thoughtful. Any guesses on who they are from? Obviously a very cool relative.

    Evan was super excited about his. He was screaming and running around saying "I got a letter from the Easter Bunny." Chloe did the same thing as Miles and ate hers.

  3. I don't know if I should spill the beans, but the bunny is the next in line after your mother.