5 things people don't know about me

I normally don't do these tags, but I thought this one might be fun. 1. I Love the touch of skin. I know it’s random, but I think skin is so soft. I’ve actually loved the feel of skin since I was a little kid. Lucky me, my husband has the softest skin ever! 2. Call it a case of O.C.D. but I CANNOT sleep with the closet doors open. No I am not afraid of monsters at night. I like to go to bed with the house in order and having the closet doors open does not feel like the house is peaceful and restful for the evening. Closing the doors says the day’s activities are done and over. So in my mind closet up shop, shut the doors, and get a good night sleep! (I’m still trying to train Mark on this one.) 3. Okay I have a lot of crazy things I want to do in my life. Just to name a couple. . . I want to learn how to skateboard/longboard. Seriously wouldn’t I be the coolest mom ever if I could skateboard? I just want to feel that wind blow through my hair as I cruise down the sidewalk, and maybe pull a few jumps out of my bag of tricks. I’m also very fascinated with airplanes lately and am thinking of taking flying lessons in my spare time. The thought of all that power and control behind my little hands flying above the world below sends thrills down my spine. 4. I admit it, I am the person you pull up next to in your car and get a good laugh out of as I rock out in my own world. This is due to the fact that I desperately wish I had a beautiful singing voice. I practice and practice constantly in the car, blaring my tunes. I’ve had to turn the volume down a notch or five since I have become Mr. Miles chauffeur. But don’t you worry; we still work on the vocals together! (How do people know that I’m not talking on speaker phone anyway? That’s what I tell myself when one of my fave songs is on and I don’t want to stop the practice session.) 5. I want to conquer perfection of wifery/hosting just as Martha Stewart. I would love to spend my day making wonderful flower arrangements from my gardens that my hands have cultivated all summer. I want to have my friends and family over for the most delectable dinner with not only a beautiful spread of home cooked food with fresh herbs from those same gardens, but handmade name cards and amazing table settings with lots of candles aiding in bringing to life the evenings theme. I want to send thoughtful cards that I hand pressed to each of you just to say that I was thinking of you that day. Okay really this could go on and on, but you get the point right. Is this really too much to ask? I tag anyone who is up for exposing your secret and perhaps quirky fetishes’.

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  1. Definitly 5 things I didn't know about you! Glad to read that life is great! I am thankful for blogs so I can check in on good friends!!