Photo Essay Update

You know it's time to update when your father, who isn't much for computers, is telling you that it's been too long since you last posted, and he needs to see new pictures of his Grandson.
This is just for you dad. . . a taste of what Miles has been up to. Miles is now wearing a tie to church just like dad. Okay disclaimer. . . A sweet lady in our ward, who I adore, gave us this,
therefore for her pleasure Miles wore this shirt to church.
Miles is turning into a bit of a computer nerd.
Hopefully he'll put it to good use and one day make millions. Miles loves carrots and sweet potatoes. Squash. . . not so much. This boy is a water baby.
He loves his bath, and soaking his feet after a long day.
He splashes and splashes those little pigs!Miles really is a happy and smiley boy. That smile of his melts my heart.
This boy is so funny. He is learning manners and crossing his legs when sitting.

It was my birthday and Miles half birthday a few weeks ago. This is cause for celebration and balloons. Miles was smitten by the balloons!

(Check out that metal mouth. Good news is you can no longer call me that! Where there once was metal you will find beautiful straight teeth. Photo on that one soon.)

Miles is sitting up so well now. He is getting up on one leg and desperately wanting to get around as much as possible. We may have a crawler on our hands soon. Oh boy we'd better prepare the house, not to mention ourselves.


  1. Yeah, where's the pic of those pearly whites?

  2. I love the picture of him on the computer. May be you should have Miles update your next blog post. He looks like he knows what he is doing.

  3. I can't believe how much he has grown! He's already sitting up? Isn't he only a couple months old? Wow, how time flys.