Flying High

Lately I've really been thinking about getting my pilot's license.When I see on of the majestic beauties flying in the skyline all I can think about are the freedoms that come with flying. Flying is simply fascinating to me. Why in the world did someone think they could fly in the first place? A creative mind, that's for sure.

So my sister-in-law's father, Paul, was so generous to show me around and take me up in one of his planes to see if I really want to pursue this adventure that is consuming my thoughts.

It seems that Miles also has the airplane fascination as he loves spotting planes and gets so excited when he sees one (Note: future post to follow on this fascination). Miles recognizes the sound of an airplane and immediately looks to the sky, even within in the walls of our home.

So Paul asked if Miles would like to join us for a quick loop around the town. I was shocked that he would ask, and yet so excited to give my son this opportunity. But how would he react, he is only 11 months old? Would the noise be too much? Would he freak out as we looked at life below? I wasn't sure.
Miles LOVED it!!!
I LOVED it!!!
But who wouldn't love it? After we took Miles for a loop, we dropped him back off to dad, and it was time for me to take the controls. Paul let me fly the plane for almost two hours. Needless to say I am for sure hooked and anticipating the day that I can call myself a license pilot! One day it will either be me or Miles, or maybe both of us flying high about this beautiful world below. Thank you Paul for the amazing opportunity!


  1. Wow! How fun! That would be cool to fly a plane but I don't know if I'm that brave. Good luck and let us know when you start taking lessons and how it goes.
    Oh, and thanks for tips about putting words on photos. I'm going to have to give that a try.

  2. My brother recently got his pilot's license. It's been great for his family because they live in Texas. Now they can visit my parents in Las Vegas a lot more often. Andrew is going to start taking flying lessons, too.