easter highlights

Easter was a bit of an adventure for us.
Saturday we headed out to visit Great Grandparents
and see new baby lambs being born.
Cute huh.
Mark and Miles had never seen such a site.
It was awesome! 
We were even able to hold a couple lambs less than a week old.
Miles kept giving the lambs kisses and
shushing everyone because the babies were sleeping.
It was too cute. 

We were also able to see 2- day old colts.
1 calf, and 3 brand new baby kittens.
All in one day.

My mom had an Easter egg hunt for us on Easter morning. 
Miles liked gathering the eggs. 
However, the cats and dogs were very distracting to the hunt.
 All in all it was a great Easter!


  1. Those lambs are adorable! Great photo on top. Mile of course is adorable too!

  2. i miss baby lambs. when i was growing up they were right by my house and now they are gone. i loved them. so cute!

  3. Love the lamby pics. So cute!

  4. That looks and sounds like so much fun. The first picture of the lamb is so precious