best summer buy

Have you ever bought something that was so amazing you would even call it the "best buy of the year"?
well we did and it's time to share it.
meet the iBert.
(drum roll please)

This thing is AWESOME!
I love it.
Mark loves it.
Miles can't get enough of it.
we have to bribe him to get out of it.
even after a couples hours in it.

I love that I can see Miles,
point out things that we are passing,
and most of all kiss him on the top of his head
and tell him how much I love him.

this thing is for sure a head turner.
you should see the looks we get.
it's almost like being a celebrity, or at least I imagine that's what it's like.
ask my mom, she was amazed at all the looks too.

I highly recommend the iBert for anyone with a child under 32 pounds!
it's worth every penny!
plus if you are lucky like us you can come across a great used one.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a fun addition to your family adventures.