jolly old st. nick

for about a week Miles kept saying Satan.
"Satan, Satan, Satan" daily.
we had no idea why.
did he learn about Satan in nursery?
is there a new kid at school that he just can’t annunciate the child’s name properly?
we were baffled.

then one day a Christmas ad came in the mail.
Mark and Miles began looking through the ad.
there he was.
“Satan, Satan” Miles keep saying.

when we looked to see who he was talking about, it clicked.
Miles' Satan is who most people refer to as Santa.

now it cracks us up every time Miles refers to him this way.
there is no correcting him.
i have tried some.
but not too hard.
i find it too amusing to correct the innocent boy.
so who is coming to visit you this holiday?
I suppose it depends on who you ask.
I hope it's Santa!


  1. I loved this! Kids say the funniest things! Hope you are having a great Christmas season.