big brother

Miles is super sweet to Vivian.
He loves to hold her, kiss her, and give her hugs.
He is always saying that they are "Best Friends."
(thank you toy story for that line)
Vivian is still sweet as ever.
She is growing rapildy, gaining a pound a week.
Is this even really possible?
My doctor says it is, so I'm not worrying.
In fact I'm looking forward to chub rolls.
As for this little man, when did he become a little boy?
What have you done with my little Miles?
Regardless, I love you so much, just the way you are....
because we too are "Best Friends."

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  1. Your little Vivian is adorable! Cute pictures! The comment you made about Miles becoming a little boy brings back memories for me. I remember each time I brought a baby home from the hospital, my next older child looked so big to me. I mean, like monster big compared to the new baby and you do wonder how they got so big all of a sudden. They are your baby one minute and so grown up the next. Soak it all up and enjoy every single minute! Pure sweetness!