2 loves

we have a couple constant loves here at our house right now 
(besides the children featured here obviously)
 1. popcorn...yes Viv has fallen in love with popcorn just like her father and brother
maybe it's a Kelly thing that I just don't understand
(she loved that I just surrendered the bowl to her)
2. making forts, tents, swimming pools, trains and more with the sofa cushions
everyday of my life I find myself picking up these cushions at least 10 times a day...minimum
Miles' imagination with these cushions is endless, 
and they provide him with hours of fun
I really don't mind, in fact I like that he has such an imagination
(Note to self- if you don't want to pick these up the rest of your life 
go for a sofa with less cushions next time!)


  1. Hey!! It's been a while! Vivian is so big and so adorable! I hope you all are well. I'll call to catch up soon!

  2. There's a run-on conversation in my head about things I will do differently in the future like leather-not cloth for couches, bumbo--not stacked college books for a highchair, homemade vs. noise making toys for newborns and then I think, "What am I talking about--I might never pass through this again. Let it go Hill--these things don't weigh in heavy on the scale of eternity", haha. I am so glad we got to see you over Christmas(I am SO sorry for the trouble it was to see us after being on the road all day with little ones, but thank you, thank you!). You have always been and continue to be a mile marker ahead for me to look to-thanks for your example Andrae!