still here

Yes, we are alive. Just very busy. Here is a quick update...
 Vivi does this funny thing with her tongue where she sucks it in and clicks it. 
It's really funny. 
Except for when I'm trying to nurse her.
 Miles still adores Vivi.
 Yes she still has red hair.
See the proof?
I love it!
 Miles is getting so big so fast. 
I keep telling him that I'm going to put a brick on his head to keep him small. 
He thinks that's pretty funny. 
But I just might have to do it.
 I just love this photo of her. 
She is such a happy girl. 
What did we ever do with out her around?
Miles liked Halloween. 
He didn't really care for the candy though. 
After about 4 pieces he told me "Mom, I think I have enough of those already." 
He liked running around with friends more than the candy aspect. 
That's right Miles, remember that one for the future!


  1. Ahhh, so cute! Were you guys on an airplane? Where did you go?

  2. Your family is cute! I need to make sure I have an updated mailing address for you. Are you still on Redwood Road? Please email me. Camillesimoons(at)gmail

  3. camillesimons(at)gmail

    opps! Spelled my own name wronge