Ever since I can remember my parents house has had a dirt pile in the corner of their front yard.
My brothers have always used this pile for jumping motor bikes and bicycles. 
One time we moved all the dirt and the pile was gone.
But only for a moment because someone brought them more dirt, thus the dirt jumps live on.
Although the dirt pile will probably always be used as jumps. 
Grandma showed my children another use for them. 
Can you say Tonka trucks!
First you should know, just in case you didn't.
Miles will never get dirty. 
He's a clean boy and doesn't like to get dirty. 
But when I left for a run I came back to 2 adorably, filthy kids. 
I loved it. 
They were so dirty I had to use the air compressor to clean their shoes.
Dirty alright.

  It's good for Miles to get dirty, and my mother has now changed him for good. 
Now when he gets dirty he just tells me "it's okay mom, it's okay."
 This girl loves to be dirty.
She loves dirt.
Why? I have no idea.
But she finds it everywhere we go.
She just picks it up and let's it run through her hands, over and over.
She is as wild as that red hair.
Love her.

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