garden exploring

I took the kids to Red Butte Gardens
to explore the children's garden.
It was awesome!
 the kids loved these maze tunnels 
 the mazes are suppose to be the inside of a snake and you come out (or go into) it's head
so basically you are eaten by a snake
it's actually really cute
 Miles loves these huge lizards (there are 3)
first he had to see if they had tongues
i think he thought they were real at first
 these little chairs make out of stumps are so cute
especially when under an umbrella tree, making a fort
 or in this little house covered with vines
the kids loved them
 then it was off to splash a little in the fountains
the water was freezing
so we weren't there too long
 then it was time for a snack
 so back to the covered house and stump chairs
we were there for hours
i wore this poor kid out
tons of fun, we may have to do it again!

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