ever wonder what it would be like to have a mustache?
 it's hilarious
don't we look great?
 looks almost natural right?
 Vivian loved her's so much she wouldn't take it off for hours
 Mark's is awesome
kissing with them is even more awesome
(but don't grow one Mark...not yet anyway)


  1. That was so fun! What a great idea for the family reunion! Your kids will look back at those pictures and ask about it over and over again and will get such a kick out of it - especially seeing the girls with mustaches! Fun times!

  2. Colton was looking at these pictures with me and he said, "Who ARE they?" I explained his cousins and he said, "They are funny--let's go see them!"
    Oh, if only it were that easy. Miss you. Love your family--you are inspiring to me.

  3. Hill- We would love to see you and Colton! Next time you are out here PLEASE let us know!