beach time

Hawaii sounded great this summer
the beach sounds great period
but it wasn't in the cards for us this year
so we made due with what we had
meet Jensen Grove in Blackfoot Idaho
it's a large pond (for lack of a better term) with water diverted from the Snake River
crazy I know, but they really hauled in sand there and it's like a beach in Idaho
the kids loved it and they really thought it was the beach
the kids love dirt, sand, and water 
 so it was perfect for us to enjoy a hot day at the beach
Needless to say we will be back


  1. Is this "pond" what you can see on I-15 as you are gong north toward Idaho Falls (on the right)?

  2. Yes, it is. It's called Jensen Grove in Blackfoot. It's worth the stop sometime on your travels to Idaho. The kids loved it.