Birthday Man

Sunday was Mark's birthday.
We were in Idaho so we celebrated it at my parent's house.
Mark spent the early afternoon shooting off a bunch of rounds with Mike's new fancy guns.
Mike said they help to relieve stress.
I shot a few rounds.
Mike- I think I may have a little more stress than shooting these at dirt hills will release.
But thanks for letting me try anyway. 
Best gift was from Vivian.
A Hulk figurine.
For some strange reason Vivi thinks that the green hulk is Mark.
She calls him the "Daddy Guy."
Can you see the resemblance?
I have yet to figure this one out.
I tell Mark maybe he should feel flattered that his little girl thinks of his as so big and strong.
Just maybe not the green part.
The whole thing is just really funny to me!
We capped the night off with some coconut cream pie.
With more than enough whipped topping.
Happy Birthday Mark (aka The Hulk).
We love you!


  1. Fantastic! In Rob's words, the picture of Mark with the gun is nothing short of awesome. ;)

  2. Happy Birthday Mark! And we LOVE the gun pic. Enjoy them while we still can, haha. Miss you all!

  3. I love the last picture - the facial expressions are priceless!