Easter this year was a very hard, beautiful and deeply personal holiday for us.
Mark and I have such a deeper appreciation and understanding of the true meaning of Easter.
We are eternally grateful for all that our Savior Jesus Christ gave and suffered for each of us.
It is because of him, and through him, that we will be reunited with Miles and are an eternal family.
I couldn't be more grateful and appreciative for anything in the world.
What an amazing gift and selfless act he has given each of us.
Vivian looked so beautiful in her Easter dress.
How did we get this sweet, curly red head?
I wonder almost everyday. 
I'm so grateful I have her to keep me busy each day.
She has strengthened me more than she may ever know.
My Aunt and Uncle host an Easter dinner and egg hunt each year.
It's a wonderful time for all.
Vivi loved finding the eggs in the yard.
But her egg hunting was no match for the trampoline. 

Vivian spent most the evening jumping away on it.
Both of my kids have loved the trampoline!
(Miles and Vivian last Easter. Oh how they adore one another.)
It seems each year our egg hunts end with some good bouncing to end the evening.
What a perfect way to end a great day I suppose.


  1. I love this. And I'm so sad we missed the egg hunt this year!

  2. This is very sweet! And I think Vivian looks like your mom in the first pic!

  3. Adorable pixs! What a beautiful day for celebrating Easter - I love how cute Vivi looks in her dress!