Look who's Two!

Our little red head is now two years old.
When did she grow up?
Lately I have been noticing that she looks so much bigger.
We celebrated her birthday while at my parent's house in Idaho.
All she wanted for her birthday were pink cupcakes.
So pink cupcakes it was. 
We did our birthday balloon launch with wishes.
Vivian chose a blue balloon with polka dots for Miles. 
I'm sure he loved it.
Vivian loved watching the balloons fly away. 
Her favorite pal, Ralphy even gave Vivi a birthday kiss. 
That's a little Ralphy toy dog in her hands she got for her birthday.
She is in love with it.
But nothing bets the real thing.
Vivian, we love you so much.
You are such a pure joy to have in our family.
You have strengthened us more in the last 7 months than you will ever know.
I'm so sorry you have had to lose your best friend, Miles.
But I know he's always watching over you.
He truly adores you just as we do.
Your strength through this all has been nothing short of amazing.
I know the future holds great things for you.
We love you!
Happy Birthday sweetheart!


  1. Happy Birthday to little Vivian...with red hair. so cute.

  2. She is adorable! Redheads come in special packages.....

  3. Sorry we didn't make it down on Saturday! I know there was no pressure but I love family time together. What a beautiful day you had for a birthday celebration! Happy Birthday, Vivian! P.S. I am the "cat lady" again! Every spring we get a couple litters - they are really cute and I think Vivian needs one to keep her little Ralphy company!

  4. What a beautiful birthday girl!

  5. Happy Birthday Vivian! Those look like yummy pink cupcakes. Have you ever read the children's book Pinkalicious? I think Vivian would like it.

  6. She IS big!!!! So beautiful! Happy late birthday vivian!

  7. She IS big. And so beautiful! Happy late birthday vivian!