Day of Service for Miles

May 13, 2013 has come and gone.
It was the day we chose to honor Miles by donating to Primary Children's Medical Center.
It was a wonderful day.
Thanks to many of you these boxes were jam packed with 120 sweat pants and 130 t-shirts.
The goal was 100 of each and we exceeded that goal. 
The quilts my Great Aunt Helen, along with others, made were nothing short of beautiful works of art.
Each one is so unique and special in it's own way. 
The goal for the quilts was 49, one for each month of Miles' life.
Again the goal was exceeded and we donated 54 quilts total.
That's an amazing feat. 
(Helen I'm sorry I didn't have a picture of you and the group on our camera.)
Needless to say the hospital staff was in awe of the donations and very excited.
I can't help but think of the many people who will benefit from our donations.
Parent's facing difficult trials who just need a change of clothes.
And all those sweet children that will be wrapped in the warmth and love of an amazing quilt.
I'm not sure that we will ever know the impact our donations will have on someone,
but I have been praying that whoever receives them will feel the love we send with each one.
Thank you everyone who helped with this amazing project.
It was truly an honor for our family and Miles!


  1. My daughter had 5 surgeries at the age of 1 and received quilts during her hospital stays. Those blankets still bring tears to my eyes years later. I so appreciate a stranger making a quilt for my daughter. Thank you. What a wonderful service.

  2. So nice to turn your tender time into such a wonderful service! Again, such a sweet example of love.

  3. What a wonderful service. We had only 30 min to pack our bags and we were told we would only be at PCMCs for 2 days. Well 2 days turned into a week, and then having to move here from Southern Utah. A new pair of pants and shirts would have been so nice. Can't wait to met you!