Catching Frogs

While visiting Idaho we decided to go to the river bottoms to try catching some frogs.
Mark and my brother were like little kids again.
They had so much fun.
Vivian of course adored it. 
She loves slimy, creepy and unusual animals. 
Vivian even kissed the frog.
Nope...no prince.
We caught a bunch, including this huge one.
Way to go Mark on getting the big one.
We released them all back into the pond.
I mean really, what would we do with frogs? 
Vivian and Amy found a caterpillar.
Vivi let the thing crawl all over her.
She truly has no fear of animals. 
Vivian also feel in love with the four wheeler this weekend!
We could not get her off it!

She was even a sport wearing these safety glasses 
to keep the bugs out of her eyes on longer rides.
We had so much fun over the weekend.
I kept thinking the whole time how much Miles would have loved it.
At times I felt him close, as though he was laughing along side us.
I love those moments!

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