Memory Rocks

We have set out on a few hikes again.
We love taking the kids hiking.
They love exploring, finding sticks and rocks and just experiencing nature.
Vivian and Clara wear their I love Miles shirts.
Aren't they so cute?!
Miles LOVED hiking!
He asked to do it everyday.
He was amazing at it!

It's not the same hiking without that little guy.
He would talk a hundred miles a minute the entire time.
He was just so excited.
But Vivian doesn't allow much silence to pass herself.
She's a pretty good hiker herself. 
I love this picture of Mark and Vivian.
When I took this picture my mind immediately went back to this day
click here and I giggled a little thinking about it.
I love this picture of Miles.
The way he is surrounded by the rays of the sunlight.
It's magical.
I'm sure he glows even more than this now, that angel boy of ours.
The kids have a hiking tradition of bringing home a rock from each hike.
We keep them in special places outside our house.
After Miles passed I cleaned his collection and wrote his name on each rock that he chose so carefully.
His collection now sits next to my stove with a picture of him.
(Which doing this post, I'm thinking I will change the framed picture next to his collection to the one of him reaching for the sun while hiking.)
I love looking at them each day!
Thanks buddy for the lasting memories you collected for us.
We cherish each one.
Vivian has now started her own collection.
I can't wait to see it grow.

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  1. What a darling boy you have!! And I love his rock collection. That is perfect!!!