Dear Miles

Dear Miles,
I can't believe your birthday is coming up this Friday. Seriously, has it really been a year since you woke up with a twinkle in your eyes and pure excitement about being four? You were so proud to be four, like it was so big. You LOVED birthdays so much. You were such the little birthday planner. You always made sure that the we celebrated with a special birthday crown, our traditional birthday banner and of course balloons in all colors. Birthdays are always so magical, especially with you around.

I wanted to let you know that I made sure to order your birthday cake. You know the one you designed and helped ordered yourself with me last year. I will never forget how sad you were when we left the store without the cake that day. I explained to you that we would come back in a couple days for it. You still didn't understand, but you were okay with it just as long as we got the cake eventually. You were so excited when we came home and you told dad all about what you requested for your cake. I'm so glad we did that. The cake turned out perfect! Good job buddy! We will order that cake every year from here on out and have it on your birthday. Thank you for giving us this new tradition.
Build A Bear sent you a Happy Birthday card. You would have loved that! You loved getting mail. Even if it was junk mail that I said was for you. It didn't really matter to you, you always felt special getting mail. When I first got this card it made me sick to my stomach. It took me back and I shed a few tears. But then I hung it up and I realized I was glad to still get mail for you. It makes me feel like others still think of you and remember you and your birthday. Even Build A Bear remembers you. Then when I started looking at the cards more I noticed that the bear on the front is your "Mr. Hugs" that you made just before Vivian was born. Oh how you loved Mr. Hugs. You really would have loved this card. We do!!! I will keep it forever.

Dr. Hollbrook's office also sent a card. They want to see you for your 5 year check up. Oh how I wish I could take you to that. I wonder how tall you would be and how much you would weigh. I bet you aren't sad about not getting shots. That's never fun. But you don't have to worry about that anymore.

I just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and that we remember your birthday. I sent something special with Aunt Tammy to bring to your transformation place Friday. I hope you enjoy it.

I love you son!

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